The Eco-Factor


Over 60% of the timber sourced by Tomoku Hus for their modular units is actually delivered from a neighbouring sawmill, drastically reducing the transport distance and carbon footprint of the delivery. Additionally, the timber they use is never younger than 85 years old, guaranteeing strength and quality. They are able to maintain this by planting more trees than they fell every year in Sweden.


Lamda 33 mineral wool insulation is tightly fitted into every timber module providing exceptional year round insulation, which significantly reduces the need for energy draining heaters. The ply lining that secures the insulation in place is also formaldehyde free so less chemical waste is involved in the process.


Heating of factories, particularly in the cooler Swedish climate can be complicated. However, Tomoku Hus solved the problem by using all of their waste materials as biofuel for heat and energy. By using the sawdust in this way, they reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and keep the factory spotless so the machines continue running perfectly.


Before the units are loaded into freight containers for delivery, a specially designed process calculates the best configuration for their placement in the container. This ensure that no room is wasted and the minimum number of containers is needed.
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