Classic designs…adapted to suit you

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The Friggebod
These buildings are typically 4x3m and remain a popular choice for customers who need a versatile space for multiple uses. This design is perfect for music studios, cinema rooms and offices but can be adapted to suit your needs. The Swedish timber frame units we use allow us to vary the sizes of our buildings so don’t worry if the typical size isn’t quite what you are looking for.
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The Malmö
For those customers who want something a little bigger, the Malmö offers increased ceiling height and a bold new approach to the classic barn style. Like all our buildings, any finish is possible, but the black cladding as shown here is certainly the most popular. The extra height also allows for a mezzanine floor, making this the ideal building if you have guests staying or want to separate your office space from a more relaxing upstairs area.

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The SportsKabin
This design can be made to meet the 2.5m height limitation and is large enough for four to six people to work comfortably. It is a popular option for customers with larger gardens but can be adapted to fit into smaller spaces.
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The Bilaga
Extending you house can be a lengthy and costly process that is often hampered by strict planning regulations. Our Bilaga option is well suited to customers who want the benefits of an extension without the hassle. By situating our buildings close to the house, it’s possible to recreate the feel and space of an extension, whilst keeping your garden for you.
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The Kapsel
Have you got limited space, or maybe just want to keep the garden free for the kids? Our pods are a fantastic option that prove that you don’t have to have a large garden to have an extra room. We can make any size or shape of building to make best use of the space available. The pods have all the customisable options of our bigger kits so you can still design exactly the room you want.