Beautiful Micro-Habitats

We can now offer professional installation of a green roof for your garden studio space!

The process requires very few adjustments to the structure of our garden rooms, making it a cost effective way of creating your own micro-habitat.

Your green roof can be either sedum or wildflower. Both provide a range of fantastic benefits and look great!

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The Benefits:
  • Attracts wildlife and helps increase the biodiversity of your garden.
  • Drought Tolerant- Sedum plants need little to no watering.
  • Low Maintenance - Sedum does not need mowing and usually needs to be fed only once a year. The wildflowers need slightly more care but the results are worthwhile.
  • Sound and Heat Insulation - The added density on the roof keeps your studio even cosier.
  • Absorbs Carbon Dioxide - increasing green space is great for the environment!
The sedum and the wildflower roofs are delivered onto site in rolls. We prepare the roof with a specially designed absorbent underlay and a layer of top soil, before rolling out the plant layer.

A small border of shingles is used with the wildflower roofs to prevent spread over the side of your garden studio.

Once the plants have been rolled out we water them on site to give them an initial boost.

If you like the sound of having a green roof on your garden space, then just let us know through the contact form and we can give you even more information and pricing options.
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