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The flexibility of design that we offer extends beyond just the basic structural plan for your garden office studio. We have installation experience and expertise on a wide range of additional extras to make your garden building exactly right for you. If there is anything you don’t see on the list, just let us know on the contact form and we will do everything we can to source and install your desired options.
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    A range of decking options is available. Large decks, that wrap around the garden office building, offer great outside space for the summer. Even smaller step-up decks can add an elegant finish to the exterior.
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    Attached Storage
    Many of our clients opt for additional storage or shed space with their garden building. By dispelling with the need for a separate additional shed, you save space and hide messy garden equipment behind the stylish exterior of your garden studio. The storage area is typically separated by an interior partition wall so your garden studio space retains its high quality finish.
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    Underfloor Heating
    Our buildings are very well insulated and don’t usually require anything more than a small heater. However, the underfloor heating does provide more temperature control and equal heat distribution throughout the garden building.
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    We are one of very few companies who install skylights in our garden studios. They are a great way to add more natural light throughout the building. If you opt for a larger building we can install more than one to ensure the light is evenly spread.
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    Sedum Roof
    Green roofs don’t just look great, they provide an environment for wildlife and reduce surface water run from your building. To see more of the benefits of a green roof, visit our suppliers website at:
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    Alarm Systems
    Many of our clients furnish their garden buildings with valuable office equipment or TV and sound systems which need to be protected. We can in install motion sensor alarm systems to reduce the risk of theft.
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    Fitted and Plumbed Bathrooms
    Our gardens studios make great accommodation for visiting friends and family. In these situations having a bathroom installed can save the hassle of having to go back and forth between the house and the garden building. We can quote to include all fittings and full installation but if you have a particular design in mind then we welcome and input on that.
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    We install triple-glazed and Swedish-designed windows as standard. The full length windows allow you to flood the room with sunlight and the smaller windows open fully so you can control the temperature of your garden office. However, we can fit blinds of your choosing, to windows of any size, for those times when you want to avoid screen glare or just darken the room for movie nights.
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    The eco-toilets are perfectly suited if you want a bathroom area in your garden office studio but don’t want the potential extra costs of a fully plumbed in standard toilet unit. For more information about these please visit
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    Rendered Finish
    If the exterior timber cladding isn’t quite what you are looking for, we also offer a rendered finish that can be painted to your specifications. The rendered finish gives a sleek urban look to our environmentally friendly garden offices.
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