Our New and Improved Sound Studios

Check out one of the latest sound studios in action:
And now the details…
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For our bespoke sounds studios we use our standard Tomoku wall units as they already offer in built insulation and further insulation between all interlocking joints. The ply lining on both sides add extra density to the wall as well.
Before moving onto the plasterboarding, we install resilient bars on the walls. These not only help absorb sound vibrations but help separate the mass of the boards from the mass of the walls ensuring extra sound insulation.
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Rather than use our standard Celotex board insulation in the base and the roof, we replace it with acoustic rock wool. At a thickness of 100mm it provides excellent acoustic properties. Any additional internal walls will also be insulated using rock wool.

We have recently starting using this fantastic new product for sound insulation. A sound insulating board made from fine sand and corrugated cardboard. It is eco-friendly, easy to install and exceeds Building Regulations for the Resistance to the Passage of Sound in the UK.
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We replace our standard plasterboard with a double layer of specially designed acoustic plasterboard which adds to the wall density. We also use an acoustic filler between all the joints to ensure no sound leakage.
As if that weren’t enough already, we also install an acoustic barrier mat between the first and second layer of acoustic plasterboard to create the ultimate sound space.
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